Alphabet Songs

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Alphabet Songs is a fun movement and learning album all about the alphabet.

The album includes 16 great educational songs for young children that help them learn the teacher approved way to say the letter sounds and the alphabet.

This is the only album that contains 10 of Jack Hartmann's letter sound songs. It gives teachers and parents a wide variety of songs and styles of music to teach the letter sounds.

Also, all of the alphabet songs clearly separate the letters L, M, N, O and P, so that children are not confused that these letters are not just one letter.

Your children will really know their letters clearly and accurately as they learn from these fun educational songs.

01.   Let’s Get Fit to the Alphabet
02.   Learning Letter Sounds
03.   Alphabet Zoo
04.   ABC Cha Cha Cha
05.   ABC Disco
06.   Hip-Hop to the Alphabet
07.   Hands Up for Letter Sounds
08.   Animal Alphabet Cheer
09.   What Letter Is It
10.   Workout to the Letter Sounds
11.   Letter Sounds Yo-Yo
12.   Act Out the Alphabet
13.   Alphabet Song
14.   Onomatopoeia Alphabet
15.   Exercising Alphabet
16.   Letter Sounds A to Z