Get on Board the Transition Train CD

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Ages 4 to 10

Get on Board the Transition Train (Transition Songs that Teach) includes curriculum based movement songs that will help you transition your students into the classroom, to lunch, to dismissal and more…all while they are learning and having fun. Children will enjoy singing and dancing while counting, rhyming and learning the letters of the alphabet. Many of the songs on this CD are also ideal for classroom brain breaks. Brain breaks are quick and effective ways to regroup and energize your students, mentally and physically. All teachers and students can benefit from the use of transition songs and brain breaks in today’s busy classrooms.

This collection of transition songs will provide an engaging way for teachers to gather students together. There are songs to play for lining up, cleaning up and many other classroom routines. With a little bit of practice, your students will know exactly what to do when they hear a certain song playing. This allows for smooth, positive (and fun!) transitions while maintaining a focus on responsibility and learning.

Together At School is a great morning transition song to help students start their day on a positive note. Children will clap and tap as they sing along about being happy together at school.

Penguin Dance Chant teaches children about listening, following directions, and left and right directionality. It’s also a great way to get your whole class to quickly gather together as Jack invites them to join him for the penguin dance. Children love this funny song that leads them through various movements.

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo invites little children to “get on board” as they make train sounds and motions together. This transition song has simple lyrics and easy-to-follow movements so that the students can start singing as soon as they join you.

Cleanup Vacuum Cleaner is a lively clean up song that will encourage your students to quickly put away their materials and transition to the next activity. Children enjoy pretending to be vacuum cleaners as they practice being responsible and working together.

Walk in Line Rhyme is a transition song that teaches children about walking in line safely and quietly. They will have peanut butter lips (quiet mouths) and marshmallow toes (quiet feet) with hands at their sides as they follow their nose (walk facing forward) in this fun transition song. This song teaches specific ways to stay safe in line.

Wash My Hands Rap teaches children the detailed steps they need to know in order to practice healthy handwashing habits. Handwashing is an important classroom routine and this song will help to make it a smooth transition after projects and before lunch.

Happy is a song that you can use to greet each and every child in your class by name. Students love hearing their own names in songs and this song will also help them to learn the names of their classmates as they sing along. This is a positive, welcoming transition song.

Storybook Gym teaches children physical activities relating to the characters of well known fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Students will walk with Goldilocks and jump with Jack Be Nimble, run with the Gingerbread Man and dance with Cinderella. Children will enjoy learning about characters and action words as they transition into the next activity.

Letter Line Up not only reinforces the letters of the alphabet and the concept of alphabetical order, it can also help you transition your students into an orderly line. You may chose to have your students line up by the first letter of their first name or the first letter of their last name. Lining up in order makes it easy for the teacher to account for all students and it helps students to transition to the line in a quick and orderly fashion.

Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School is just the song your class needs for a fun 100th day celebration! This song will teach your students to count by tens to 100 while they pump up their muscles and join in with everyone’s favorite math super hero.

Lunchtime is Time to Eat is the perfect song to play as you transition your students into a line to walk to the cafeteria. This song teaches children important lunch rules such as using good manners, using inside voices and eating their own food. Review these rules by playing this song daily as your class transitions to lunch.

Slow and Fast Word Dance is a movement song that teaches children to listen carefully and then move slowly or quickly to match the speed that the word is being said. As they transition by singing and dancing, they will learn the difference between slow and fast movements. This song can also be used as a brain break song when your students need to get up and move.

Ridin’ on the Train is a fun twist on the student favorite Ridin’ on the Bus. In this version children will become astronauts, pizza makers, doctors and more as they travel on the train all across the land. This fun music and movement song would make a great transition song during a transportation unit or when learning about community helpers.

5 Little Ducks focuses simple movements and counting to five. Students can quickly learn the words and actions, making this a great song to use for a brain break or easy transition between activities.  

10 Silly Monkeys will have children pretending to hula hoop, skateboard and make silly faces as they count to ten. Students will listen to the verse and do what the monkeys do. This song can be used during a math transition or for a brain break.

Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze teaches children to identify rhyming words. Students will listen carefully to word pairs. If the words rhyme, they exercise. If the words don’t rhyme, they freeze. Use this song to warm up for rhyming work or to wrap up your rhyme time activities.

Here’s What You Do Do and You Don’t Do When You Go to Use the Bathroom is a procedures song that teaches children the “dos and don’ts” of using the restroom. Children will hear specific examples and non-examples of bathroom behaviors. You may wish to play this song when teaching routines at the beginning of the school year and again during transitions to bathroom breaks or during health lessons. This song will remind the children to make healthy, safe choices.

Peanut the Pig’s Teamwork Cleanup is a rap song that teaches children about working together as a team to get the job done. Peanut the Pig is back and this time he will help your students transition from playtime to cleanup time without missing a beat!

Peanut’s Playground Rules is a great song to play as you transition your students from the classroom to the playground. This time Peanut the Pig is here to teach students about how to follow the rules and be safe while having fun on the playground.

Zero the Hero Exercise and Count is a math song that teaches children to count to 100 by 1’s. Students will be marching, clapping, swimming and flying as they count to 100 with everyone’s favorite math superhero, Zero the Hero. This is a great song for math transitions or for celebrating the 100th day of school.

Step by Step Listening Fun teaches students the specific steps they need to do in order to be a good listener. This is very helpful for our youngest students and those going to school for the first time, as well as a great reminder for all students. Children will learn about listening to teachers, friends and family members. This song could be played when transitioning to story time or when transitioning from playtime to a lesson.

5 Little Fish (Caribbean) will have children dancing to the Caribbean beat while they count the splishing and splashing little fish. This song teaches children to count to 5 while they listen and follow the movements. This song is perfect for transitioning to or from a math activity.

Echo the Letter Sounds is an alphabet song that teaches students letter-sound correspondence. Students will say the name of the letter and a word that begins with that letter sound. This song could be used as a warm up song or to transition students.

Penguin Dance (Remix) is a fun remix of the original Penguin Dance Chant. Students will enjoy learning left and right as they follow along with the movements.

See You Later Alligator is a transition song to bring the day to a close. The students will say goodbye with a variety of fun animal rhymes. This song is a great way to end your day.

Reading skill and physical movement

Starting & Ending the Day, Lining Up Quietly, Good Listening, Cleanup Fun, Circle Time Learning, Positive Behavior, Playground Rules, Washing Hands, Phonemic Awareness, Bathroom Do's & Don'ts, Calming Down, Gross Motor Fun, 100 Days of School, Positive Lunchtime Behavior, Exercising & Fitness, 60 Beat per minute Brain Building and Crossing the Mid-line

1. Together at School 15. 10 Silly Monkeys
2. Penguin Dance Chant 16. Exercise, Rhyme and Freeze
3. Chugga Chugga Choo Choo 17. Here's What You Do Do and You Don't Do When You Go to Use the Bathroom
4. Cleanup Vacuum Cleaner 18. Peanut the Pig's Teamwork Cleanup
5. Walk In Line Rhyme 19. Peanut's Playground Rules
6. Wash My Hands Rap 20. Zero the Hero Exercise and Count
7. Happy 21. Step by Step Listening Song
8. Storybook Gym 22. 5 Little Fish (Caribbean)
9. Letter Line Up 23. Echo the Letter Sounds
10. Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School 24. Penguin Dance
11. Lunchtime Is Time to Eat 25. See You Later Alligator
12. Slow and Fast Word Dance 26. 60 Beat per Minute Brain Builder (classical)
13. Ridin' On the Train 27. 60 Beat per Minute Brain Builder (new age)
14. 5 Little Ducks 28. 60 Beat per Minute Brain Builder (acoustic)