Cool Beats That Teach CD

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For Grades K-5

Science, grammar, social studies & test-taking skills.

Cool Beats That Teach is for the elementary grades to strengthen knowledge in science, social studies, parts of speech, math and social skills. Cool Beats That Teach also includes two (2) powerful songs that help children prepare and get ready to take tests. Both songs, Test-taking Chant 1 & 2 are absolutely perfect to help children relax and be prepared for testing.

If you want to use the power of music to strengthen your elementary science curriculum, this album is the one to get. Some of the specific science topics covered include: force, motion, scientific method, water cycle, simple machines, earth science and matter.

The music and arrangements are very contemporary and appropriate for primary grades. The science topics covered here align with many state, national and Common Core standards.

World of Motion is filled with examples of things that are in motion all around our environment. Children can have tons of movement fun making the movements of all the objects and people I highlight in this song. Children can swim, chug like a train, circle like the planets and make a flying motion like a jet. This song gives the definition of motion so children will memorize.

What’s the Matter Children learn all about matter, how molecules function in the different states of matter. The three (3) states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) are highlighted and repeated to help children memorize.

Scientific Method I wrote this scientific method song with a simple acronym (ASI –TCI) to help children memorize the steps of the scientific method. Teachers can use this song to help children learn the scientific method and memorize each step.

Step by Step is a scientific method song as song #3 is, but it goes into an even more detailed description of all of the steps. Let your children sing this scientific method song regularly and then they can discuss and ask questions about the steps and the purpose of using this step-by-step process. Both scientific method songs #3 and #4 align with state, national and Common Core Standards for elementary science

Water Cycle is focused on the physical science topic of learning the three essential phases of the water cycle. Children sing along and can follow with movements and motions showing how the cycle goes around and round. The song includes a simple rap for each phase that describes the specific process in each phase. Your children will get all the basics about the water cycle’s 3 phases by listening to Jack’s song, Water Cycle.

Sing the States is a cool patriotic song that is both inspirational and informative as it sings all 50 states in alphabetical order in rhythm so children can memorize the order as they sing. Children have lots of fun singing all 50 states and feel a sense of self-esteem knowing they can name all 50 states.

Six Simple Machine Rap is a cool rap style science song all about the six (6) simple machines. It highlights each simple machine and a concise explanation of how the machine works. Your children will learn these basic science functions so much quicker and stronger as they sing and rap it.

Force This science song focuses on understanding the concept of force and that it is a push or a pull. It gives many specific practical examples of pushes and pulls so children will understand this science principle. Force makes an object chance its position. (Push computer keys to type, pull a rope in tug of war). The music is really cool for the intermediate grades!

Matter Really Matters This science song clearly explains that matter makes up everything – solids, liquids and gasses. It also states that the states of matter can change (a solid, ice) can change into a liquid. (water) can change into a gas (vapor). It’s an upbeat, lively song and really helps children to perceive science as something cool and interesting.

Test Taking Chant 1 is a very hip sounding song that helps children to get ready to do their best taking tests. Children can get very uptight anticipating taking tests and actually taking the test. This song helps to ease some stress about taking the test. Teachers can extend the learning in this song by discussing with children other skills and strategies to help prepare for taking tests. Our test-taking chant gives children a chance to repeat after me the nine (9) different researched based test taking strategies that are sung in the song.

Test Taking Chant 2 This is the same test-taking song as song #10, but it includes all new skills and strategies to help children prepare, relax, focus and do their best when taking tests.

Earthquake Earth science is the topic of this dynamic song. Children will be engaged in moving, shimmying and shaking like the layers of earth during an earthquake. This science song includes a rap part that explains what happens in the earth’s underground layers during an earthquake. Earthquake presents a concise look into the dynamics of an earthquake so children can better understand what occurs.

Seven Continents Children will learn there are seven (7) continents and their names in this very cool earth science song. They can sing along or move to a catchy rhythm and beat

Right Here is all about identifying many of the different muscles in your body. Children will learn some of the most common muscles of the body that there are – more than 600 muscles in the body! I ask the questions in the song – Where are your abdominals? Where are your hamstrings? Children point to them and sing out “Right Here!”

What Is A Noun This song teaches children English grammar and the fundamental part of speech – the noun. This song covers the basics – that a noun is the name of a person, place or thing. What Is A Noun helps children memorize the definition of a noun and then gives numerous examples of nouns for each category – person, place or thing. Then, children have an opportunity of think of nouns themselves.

Is It a Noun or Not Is a great follow – up to What Is A Noun. In this upbeat Hip – Hop song, I sing different words and children have an opportunity to answer whether the word I say is a noun or not. I mention adjectives, verbs and nouns of course, and children have to listen carefully and make specific body moves whether it’s a noun or not.

Community Is all about developing an awareness of many of the people that make our communities strong and healthy; like firemen, doctors and teachers. Children can think of other community helpers like police officers, garbage workers and more.

Action Verbs Focuses on another fundamental part of speech – the verb. Action Verbs gives children an opportunity to see the function of the verb in a sentence. Children will understand the verb can be identified by knowing what is the subject of the sentence, and then the verb is identified when you ask – what does the subject do? The verb describes the action of the subject (i.e: big trucks – roll).

Workout and Count Skip counting, counting forward and backward, counting odd numbers and counting on are all math skills in this cool exercise and fitness song. This is a great song for physical education as well as a fun fitness brain breaks song in the regular classroom. This beat really rocks and gives your children a healthy workout.

It Makes Me Stop Is a social awareness song about appreciating and respecting all people. It’s about non-violence, peacemaking and taking individual responsibility for making change in the world. This is a great song for the intermediate grades.

All the Days of Your Life Is based on a Native American prayer about peace, harmony and hope in your life


1. World of Motion

12. Earthquake

2. What's the Matter 13. Seven Continent
3. Scientific Method Song 14. Right Here (muscles)
4. Step by Step 15. Right Here (bones)
5. Water Cycle 16. What is a Noun
6. Sing the States 17. Is it a Noun or Not
7. Six Simple Machine Rap  18. Community
8. Force 19. Action Verbs
9. Matter Really Matters 20. Workout and Count
10. Test-Taking Chant 1 21. It Makes me Stop

11. Test-Taking Chant 2

22. All The Days of Your Life