Science Is A Snap DVD

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Science Is A Snap includes 11 real life science songs with videos that focus on many of the national, state and Common Core Science standards for pre-k and elementary school primary grades.  It includes the 5 Senses, Animal Habitats, Force, Motion, Metamorphosis, Parts of a Plant and more.

All of the images and live action are real in their natural environment to help your children get a realistic view of the science all around them.  In this DVD we cover matter, motion, force, animal habitats, metamorphosis of a frog and butterfly parts of a plant, the 5 senses, recycling and the water cycle.

Your children will retain the science concepts so much easier with the songs and the beautiful and powerful visuals will let them clearly see how they look in the world around them.

Jack’s songs are catch and contemporary with songs your children will want to sing again and again.  The wonderful melodies, simple lyrics and repetition will really help your child memorize all the science information.

Many teachers all across the country have stated that this DVD is the best science resource they have to help teach their children these fundamentals

3 States of Matter  is a Physical Science song that teaches matter can be a solid, a liquid or a gas.  Children sing the attributes and classify objects into each state of matter.

World of Motion is filled with examples of things that are in motion all around our environment. Children can have tons of movement fun making the movements of all the objects and people I highlight in this song. Children can swim, chug like a train, circle like the planets and make a flying motion like a jet. This song gives the definition of motion so children will memorize.

Forces Can Push or Pull  is a Physical Science song that gives examples of different ways objects and organisms move and how force is what makes things a Physical Science song that gives examples of different ways objects and organisms move and how force is what makes things move.

Animal Habitats is a Life Science song that describes the habitats of different animals.  Children learn to spell the word habitat as they learn about how animals benefit from their habitats.

Ollie the Otter

Metamorphosis is a Life Science song that takes children through the life cycle of a frog.  This song gives specific details about the changes that occur in each stage of the frog’s metamorphosis

Beautiful Butterfly is a Life Science song that teaches about the life cycle of a butterfly. Children can follow the movements and act out the different stages of a caterpillar’s metamorphosis to becoming a beautiful butterfly.

I’m a Plant is an Earth Science song that describes the parts of a plant and the functions of each plant part.  I’m a Plant includes the process of photosynthesis as well as the many uses and benefits of plants.

5 Senses is a Life Science song that names our 5 senses and the body parts that are related to each of the 5 senses.

Recycle is an Earth Science song that teaches us recycling is an important way to take care of the Earth.

Water on the Earth Goes Round is an Earth Science song about the water cycle.  Each stage of the water cycle is described along with the vocabulary terms; evaporationcondensation and precipitation.

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